How to Hire iPhone Developers with the advent of iOS 7 ?

Apple Inc. sold a record 9 million iPhone 5S in just 3 days. That’s huge, really huge!

iPhone 5S hit the smartphone market like an innovative storm with over 9 million devices sold in just 3 days. The high-end smartphone is today by all means a blessing for our tech-savvy generation. Ever since its inception, iPhone gained popularity like no other gadget, and henceforth, the companies want to reach out to their customers via iPhone apps. This has attracted a lot of iPhone development companies or simply put, iPhone developers into the picture.

If you are from IT field, it will be quite easier for you to dig out a professional iPhone developer. But what about the people who are not from this IT field? How will they find out the one that suits them the best. As a leading iPhone app development company, we have seen this thing that people with an established business are just looking for an iPhone app for their business and they end up hiring too expensive companies having a thought in mind that they are going to deliver the best.

hire iphone developer

Trust me, it is not at all true. High prices does not always guarantee high quality. After all, all that glitters is not gold, always. You can choose your developer yourself just by following these simple rules:

Analyze your vision, and set your requirements accordingly

If you are sure about your vision, go straight to a professional developer. But if you are confused with what should be the exact look and functionalities of your app which will best suit your business, then wait, think and analyze the best possibilities. Do remember, there is no other person than you who can understand your business more than you yourself can do. So at first, analyze your vision, decide your requirements and then head on for the developer hunt.

Portfolio:- Any iPhone development firm can say they are best, with so many cheesy lines and offers. But the quality of work tells the exact truth. Go for such firms which emphasize on their portfolio. Give a detailed check to all the bidding companies carefully and choose from them which suits your requirements and cost related issues the best.

 Experience and Expertise:- Do check the relevant experience of companies or developers. It helps in solving all sorts of issues generated during the development process of your app. Prioritize your list with the companies which have already developed similar apps as yours on the first place.

Updated Knowledge:- With the advent of new innovative iOS 7, almost 30% of the iPhone community has iphone developeralready moved down to this feature rich new platform in less than 1 week. You can imagine the future of iOS 7 now. So try to have to have an app which has got the latest platform support as you will be able to reach the most updated users. Do check if your developer is updated with the expertise of iOS 7 and if he can develop your app sincerely.

Support and Upgradation:- Companies having a properly coordinated team of iPhone developer in India, designers and testers can be relied upon as they can give you one-stop comprehensive solutions to mould up your ideas into a high-end app. They would be experts in fixing bugs and errors, upgradations and even technical support for future needs.

Ability to Port iOS app to other platfforms-: Being a leading iPhone application development company, we always get requirements for both iPhone and Android apps for their businesses. So do confirm that your outsourcing partner is able to port down your iPhone app to Android, Windows, Blackberry and other popular platforms in future if your app booms up in the market.


iOS or Android , or both?

One year back, this question, “iOS or Android” would lead us to say almost without any hesitation, “iOS first, then Android.”

Today, the situation has changed and is bit more complicated. Android is the dominant mobile operating system on a global perspective (though the two are much closer in marketplace in the U.S.) and it beats Apple to the 1 million apps mark with android app developers making the most of it. Moreover, with more and more players having the Android license, it’s quite tough for Apple Inc. to compete with everyone.

ios or android
We suggest all the mobile application development companies to plan on both Android and iOS apps, if you think you need a native mobile app. But that nowhere means that you will have to launch both the apps at the same time, but both should be on your ultimate timeline.
Where to go first: iOS or Android?

If you can’t afford to develop iOS and Android apps simultaneously, you have to make the decision of what system to target first.
Here are some factors to consider when deciding which platform to target for an initial release:

  • What are your current users using? Have a look at your visitor stats and compare what portion of your mobile visitors are coming from Android or iOS. If you see a higher mobile engagement rate from iOS users, it’s a good idea to start with them first. On the other hand, if most of your users are on Android, starting there might make more sense.
  • What are your tablet plans? Although Android is the dominant mobile operating system with android developers available throughout the world, it has not taken off on tablets in the same way. Google might boast that Android tablets have almost half the global market, but when you look at how those tablets are used — or at the usage share amongst tablet apps, it’s clear the iPad is the winner. The one exception is Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which runs a forked version of Android — and thus is sort of in its own category. If you plan on creating a tablet experience, focus on iOS first.
  • What are your developers familiar with? Even though most companies end up contracting out a good chunk of their mobile development work, it’s worth talking to your team and seeing what they are most familiar with developing in. Developing for iOS requires a Mac (you can work around this but at some stage you’ll need a Mac) and Android’s developer tools — while improving — are not at Xcode levels just yet. If your android app developers are cool with this, go for android first.
  • Do you want to charge for your app? The adage that Android users never pay for apps isn’t quite as true as it used to be, but it’s absolutely true that iOS users are more willing — and more likely to pay — for an app than Android users. That shouldn’t put you off of using Android — there are still plenty of ways to monetize that system — but on initial basis, it needs to be considered. Also consider where you can accept payments from both platforms. Google is continuing to increase the number of countries that support paid Google Play apps but this is an area where Apple still has a substantial lead.

With so many advantages, most of the android app development companies are heading more towards iPhone app development. And those who were already into this are emphasizing more on iOS. Being a leading Android application development company India, we would like to suggest going for Android if you are a beginner and iPhone if you want to be a brand in near future.

Iphone Application – Grow Your business sales

The craze of people towards the iPhone has increased the demand of iPhone apps development. These services have rocked the enterprise world by taking businesses to heights. This industry is considered to be the most stirring industry of the software development arena. Even the existence of Android Smartphone, Blackberry, and Windows doesn’t affect Apple iPhone market share.

More and more companies are entering to this business as they are familiar with its current and future scope. Below mentioned are some of the advantages or benefits it provides to the businesses:

  • Gives chances to enhance and explore your business
  • Increases ROI which rate on investment by giving your business desired exposure in the domestic and international market
  • It helps to foster brand loyalty that assist to returns on your business or website and buy or purchase your products or services instantly.
  • You can easily target potential customers who are using iPhone, by the means of a highly attractive business apps and custom IPhone apps India
  • With iPhone application development technology a businesses can easily share business offers and updates with their target audience by using business application for iPhone. All these efforts surely help to generate new lead or conversions and keep the audience interested in your app and ultimately to your business
  • A business can also be run effectively just by hiring a iphone developer who is expert in developing new, innovative and custom apps
  • Increases online existence and targets online customers to your website directly.

Business Iphone Application – Take your Business At new Heights

Today we all know the time of smart phones. Everyone eager to buy iphone and we all know sales of iphone have already crossed 4 miilons and millions of iphone apps are already sold. Each one wants to process everything own his fingers and iphone opens this way for all to check and get update knowledge of every things in your one click finger. Iphone has brought the great revolutions in the business world. Like website each business man wants to make iphone apps so he can easily approach his clients and increase the ROI. Business have realized the fact that they have to launch their business on iPhone platform to promote it and stay in the competition. You can make apps for any type of business use. There are many iphone application development company who develop custom iphone apps according to the clients requirement at very reasonable rates. Businesses need to hire best, expert and talented developers for iPhone application development to get high return on investment. So wake up and Develop iphone apps for your business if you really wants to take your business at new heights. Choose best iphone developer company which provides you reliable, cost effective and professional apps to your business.

Enuke Iphone Application Development

Enuke Software is iphone development company based in india which have excellent experience, skills and technical knowledge of iphone apps development for all business. We have expert team of custom iphone apps development. They have great capability of deliver iphone apps according to the clients requirements. Our iPhone Application Developer develop interactive business applications which will be useful in day-to-day business activities as per your choice and demand.

Our iphone Applications Development Services are :

  • iPhone Apps Development
  • iPhone Game Development
  • Custom iPhone Application Development
  • GPS Enable iPhone Application
  • iPhone Widget Development
  • News iphone Application Development
  • iPhone Mobile Website Development
  • Social Networking iphone Application
  • Hospital iPhone Application Development
  • Sports iPhone Application Development

Our iPhone developers offers application development in following categories:

  • Fun & Games apps
  • Entertainment & Music apps
  • Finance & Share-Stock apps
  • Business, Industries & Office apps
  • eBook, News Reading, Weather apps
  • Utilities and GPS, Bluetooth, GPRS, 3G based apps

You can check out our updated iPhone Apps Development Portfolio which developed by Enukesoftware’s skilled iphone developers for our clients.

IPhone Development Company India

Undoubtedly, IPhone has become more popular in smart phone world With its touch-screen feature and classy sleek looking design. The demand of iphone is increasing day by day because of its advance features. Business men love this smart phone very much because its apps give a new way to capture the eye of customer and growing his business more and more. It created a new waves in business industry. A businessman can make his own custom business apps according to the requirement and spread the word of his business and get new height. If you are not developer and think of iphone apps development for your business, you can take help of iphone developer. There are number of company who are build iphone apps for your business. But you need to sort out the best company for you. Enuke Software is one of the renowned IPhone Development Company in india at present. Enuke Software can develop majestic Iphone apps for you even within your budget range. There has very strong team of iphone developer they take care of every aspects of development. They choose standard methodology and do frequent testing so it avoids any bug in your app. They finish development within given time line and budget.

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A Trustworthy and Time-Tested Android Development Company: Enuke Software

Android is one of most popular operating system that is used by most of the mobile company in smartphones. The android is an open source platforms and contain SDK which includes libraries, debugger, sample code, tutorials and a hand set emulator. These are in-built features in android phones helps to the developers to develop the android application without any risk and there is no license fees for the users to use it. So the cost of the application will dramatically reduce in developing the application.

Demand of android phones are rapidly increasing and Seeing the progressive trend of using Android apps for various purposes, several software development companies have started to offer Android Development services including iPhone Application Development, iPhone Game Development services, and custom android apps development according to the clients specification. Enukesoftware is also one of them! Enuke is a leading offshore android development company in india which provides mobile application development, android apps, custom iphone apps, iphon games development.

Our android apps development team is very creative and proficient in using the latest development tools like Android SDK 4.0. they develop apss which is very reliable and highly functional as per the clients requirement.